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Give us a call at
(706) 253-1052

 Weddings, Bridal Showers, Engagement Parties,  & Rehearsal Dinners
      For  over 25 years, Gerard & Hector & have been providing the finest in weddings       catered foods, florals and décor that have earned them the reputation of a leader
 in the industry. Their attention to detail in serving exquisite foods elegantly presented will have your guests saying ............." that was the best food we ever ate".
 Private Events & Themed Parties
We can also arrange for entertainment such as disc jockeys, bands, musicians, singers and even production companys.
 Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Showers & Celebrati0ns
 Gerard & Hector are well known for their theme parties and can assist you in planning the perfect event for you and your guests. Any occasion will soon be a cherished memory as their team executes every facet of the party whether here at our facility of the location of your choice
   Corporate, Meetings, Events & fundraisers
 We have vast experience in fundraising, team building events and catering for groups in excess of on thousand guests. Local businesses use our banquet space for training meetings, award dinners and Holiday parties